Cal Chem Metals Services

Copper Waste Stream Management

Cal-Chem has the ability to process copper-bearing waste material from many companies in various copper industries. Cal-Chem has been able to take materials that were being landfilled and turn them into profit centers, creating a positive environmental impact by recycling the copper.  In other instances Cal-Chem has improved the return for companies looking for a better outlet for their waste materials.

By working directly with a processor in the United States, companies can avoid exporting and know that their waste material is being handled in an environmentally responsible manner. Many of our waste-stream suppliers have worked with Cal-Chem for decades because they know a reliable partner is crucial to keeping their waste stream program on-track.

Cal-Chem Metals purchases rod mill scale, copper mud, filter paper, turnings, baghouse dust, floor sweep, slags and sludges. Let Cal-Chem quote you on a program that keeps your waste materials moving while providing the highest return possible for the contained copper.