Cal Chem Metals Services

Copper Slag Recovery

Cal-Chem Metals is currently purchasing copper bearing slag from a variety of industries including copper rod mills, copper tube mills and other industries where there is a need to melt copper.

A byproduct of copper melting is the production of slag. Cal-Chem purchases this waste stream material and brings it to their facility in Globe, Arizona where it is cleaned, separated and crushed to prepare it as copper smelter feed. 100% of the slag ends-up at a copper smelter which is an environmentally friendly alternative to landfill dumping or the uncertainty of selling off-shore.

Recently Cal-Chem began purchasing material from a supplier who thought they were “freight-cost prohibitive” due to the distance between their facility and Cal-Chem. The high cost of copper today has helped ease the freight burden and made Cal-Chem a desirable partner for many companies across North America.