Copper Recovery Services

Copper Recovery Services

Cal-Chem Metals works with Clients across North America on copper recovery projects. These copper reclamation projects include copper slag recovery, copper mud recovery and rod mill scale/filter paper recovery.

Cal-Chem has a long history of buying copper scale materials and the associated filter media that is used to separate the byproduct from rest of the mill.

Cal-Chem has the ability to process copper-bearing waste material from many companies in various copper industries.

Cal-Chem Metals has developed a proprietary method of effectively processing copper muds, eliminating the need for companies to pay to have the materials disposed of. Learn how our copper mud processing can help your company.

Cal-Chem purchases copper slag material and brings it to their facility where it is processed. 100% of the slag ends-up at a copper smelter which is an environmentally friendly alternative to landfill dumping.

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